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Sensor cleaning


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Hi all, newbie here. Been using Fuji for around 6 years and just picked up an X-T5 a couple of months ago, coming from X-T2

Anyone thinking of the upgrade, particularly from a 2, it's good. Really good

Anyway, I've picked up at least one dust spot on the sensor, and depending on the file it does show. I can easily deal with that with healing, but I want to remove the dust

I've always undertaken my own sensor cleaning using Sensor Swabs, and their cleaner, with great success. I'm not a fan of using a blower, seems to create more dust problems than if fixes

So my question is, what do I do about IBIS when cleaning the sensor

What precautions should I take

Thank you in advance

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Hi there, I always follow this procedure:

1. Turn the Camera on (and leave it on while cleaning).

2. Set IS mode to Off so the sensor remains locked in position.

3. Switch the shutter to ES - this prevents accidently closing the normal mechanical shutter while cleaning.

4. Turn "Shoot without Lens" to Off - this prevent the shutter from working with the lens removed

5. Turn Power Saving Mode to Off.

Once cleaning is done you can reverse all of these settings as required.

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Thanks @strat68, appreciate the reply

I've not heard of leaving the cam on whilst doing a wet clean of the sensor

Is that to ensure no movement of the IBIS sensor?

And if yes, IF I wet clean the sensor with IBIS off but the camera also off, can we get some movement in the sensor still?


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Hi, sorry for the late reply. Yes, as far as I know it's better to have the camera switched on to lock the sensor in place. I've been using this method since I bought an X-T4 a few years ago with no problems. It seems to be the recommended practice. If you do a search on YouTube you'll find some more in-depth videos on the subject.

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