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Diagnosing damage on X-H1

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Hello everyone, i just bought a used X-H1 with a rather weird kind of damage.

“Sometimes”, horizontal bars that look like old tv interference appear on the screen, evf, RAW and jpeg images. Other times, the image gets “mosaiced”: colors of individual pixels can be seen as if not demosaicing correctly. both examples (a video and a RAW photo that have only been downscaled for easier sharing) attached.

The camera is in good condition overall, all I know from the past owner (who bought it used) is:
It has been consistently used with W126 batteries, NOT W126S (and still is, since i don’t have W126S, but i did test it with a W126S and nothing changed)
The damage seems to have appeared out of nowhere (could be a lie tho)
It used to have a battery grip, and the bottom rubber cover for the contacts has been lost, so the contacts have been exposed.

The camera works flawlessly when not showing these defects. Sometimes, it may randomly show the lines for a few seconds, and then stop. Or, it may display the mosaiced image for a minute or two, and then just stop.I have found that the only thing that seems to trigger and also fix the defects are light taps on the bottom of camera body, rather reliably. I also found that if i use continuous stabilization the artifacts seem to arrive more often but also last less, perhaps because the sensor is moving around so much.
I haven’t found anything on google that seems to fit my problem.
I think it may just be a slightly misconnected flex cable, that’s why the light taps work.
I would attempt a repair since i’m pretty good at electronics, but i wouldn’t want to open the camera without a clue about what i’ll be looking for. So if anyone could get me any pointer, i’d greatly appreciate it.

And just to clear this out, i knew about the damage when i bought the camera, so i'm not gonna return it and i think sending it out for repair will cost more than what it's worth spending on this camera. 

Thank you guys!

Here are the examples


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3 hours ago, Olaf W. said:

I agree. Could be a broken cable or a bad soldering point, too. But by trying to repair it yourself you might destroy the camera. 

You are right, in fact I think I'll keep it like this until it becomes unbearable (or it eventually fixes itself, though unlikely) and then risk it with a fix.

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