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Dilemma Entry into Fuji - X-Pro2 used vs new vs X-Pro3

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Hi All,

I  am looking for an entry in to the wonderful Fuji ecosystem. 

So far I started with Nikon D40 and was stupid enough to go to Canon 5D (nightmare ergonomically, even if great otherwise). As a result I've been shooing on and off, almost gave up on photography due to the bulk, weight and feel of the camera (even if pictures and video were good!)

I am looking for a Fuji camera mainly for stills, street and landscape, with the rangefinder looks and I love film character and respective simulations . I also love old MF lenses with character (e.g. the Helios 44-M,  Zeiss Contax and others) and would definitely love to use them on the  new camera and just keep developing as a (hobbyist) photographer.

I am considering the X-Pro2 because of both the relatively affordable price and good value for money compared to X-Pro3 (not to mention for some the XP2 is better than XP3 and maybe the XP1 even better ...). 

Ultimately my choice is amongst XP2 used (around 600USD excellent cosmetically with 13000 actuations - is this too much and risky for longevity of the camera), XP2 new (1200 USD, new but a few years old) or XP3 new (1600 USD - quite expensive, would rather spurt on some new glass, also not entirely sure if the system would be better for MF lenses compared to XP2, and maybe even XT3...).

Thanks in advance for any advice, greatly appreciated!




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I've owned all three versions of the X-Pro series. Overall, I found the XP2 the best. It's much more a professional grade camera than the XP1 is. I personally returned the XP3 after a few weeks. Though the EVF is better than that of the XP2, the OVF (that's why you use an XP) is actually not as good since it has only one magnification level (XP2: 2). So, it struggles with lenses wider than 23mm or longer than 50mm. You just don't get the frame lines wider than 23 or the magnification longer than 50 to work well with the OVF.

Don't bother about titanium top plates and sub screens with film box logos on the XP3. These are just gimmicks. In terms of IQ there's hardly any difference between the XP2 and the XP3. In terms of durability the XP2 turns out more reliable since it lacks the strange (for me: useless) downward folding screen. As it turns out, that is an Achilles heel of the XP3. There's even a class-action lawsuit in the US against Fuji for that.

The weak spot of the XP2 is weather resistance. The front- and back dial as well as the on/off collar around the shutter release button are not too well-sealed. So be a bit careful with heavy rain or snow. The XP3 is not better on that subject. It's just that its dial click function feels less mushy. 

$600 for a good XP2 is a very fair price. Don't worry about the 13k actuations. That's less than 10% of what Fuji claims as a life expectancy and generally cameras go well-beyond that.

As you mention using MF vintage lenses on the XP2/3 you might also want to consider a XT2 or XT3. Though no 'rangefinder-style', these are great little cameras with a similar IQ. The advantage of the X-T line is that they have a better EVF with higher magnification. That will make manual focusing easier than on an X-Pro camera. Generally, they're also a bit cheaper pre-owned than the X-Pro range.

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@Herco Thank you and very much and highly appreciate your advice. Definitely going for that (used) XP2, mainly because it is a great camera (plus all the facts mentioned by you), but also as I like the rangefinder style of camera and that will inspire me to shoot more! Funny that you mention this XT3, I was searching for an XT3 before I discovered the XP series :), but I guess going for the coolness factor, I admit (almost happy the Leicas are out of my budget, at least I keep telling myself so). Greetings form the Baden area :)  

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@Herco could you please provide any advice about primes on the XP2? I am thinking to start with the older 23mm F1,4, then a 14 perhaps F2.8, then a 35 (not sure which one) and a 90mm F2. New to Fuji, but have really good things bout some of these lenses. I am aware that some f1.4 would be covering part of the OVF, but not sure how important would that be, as I still do not have the camera. 

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On 1/27/2023 at 11:39 PM, eagle_eya said:

@Herco could you please provide any advice about primes on the XP2? I am thinking to start with the older 23mm F1,4, then a 14 perhaps F2.8, then a 35 (not sure which one) and a 90mm F2. New to Fuji, but have really good things bout some of these lenses. I am aware that some f1.4 would be covering part of the OVF, but not sure how important would that be, as I still do not have the camera. 

Hi, my advice would be to start with one and take it from there whether you need something wider or more tele. The two most likely lenses for the XP2 are the 23/f2 or the 35/f2. Both are almost designed for the XP-line as they don't block the OVF. They're also weather resistant if that is important to you. The only issue is that the 23/f2 is a bit soft wide open at the shortest focus distance. For general photography its not an issue. The older 23/f1.4 is a great lens, but a bit bulky (compared to the 23/f2) and slow and noisy to autofocus. An often overlooked combo for travel photography can be the 18-55/f2.8-4 and the 14/f2.8. Both are quite good, relative compact and have the same filter size/hood. They're also relative cheap to buy pre-owned.


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    • Hello, Congrats on your XT-5.Glad to hear you're enjoying it. Now, I completely understand your concern about your camera getting warm after extended use especially when taking continuous autofocus (AF-C) shots. It's perfectly normal and is a natural outcome of your camera's processor and sensor working hard to get those perfect focus shots. Your XT-5's built-in safety features will automatically shut the camera down should it detect any overheating. Based on your tests, it looks like your camera is working perfectly fine. To prevent any possible overheating issues, I suggest adjusting some settings such as reducing the time your camera stays on standby mode or turning it off between shots. You could also avoid using the "high" heat setting for an extended duration and take some breaks between long sessions to let your camera cool down.
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