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Frame rate and shutter speed the same - implications?

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I've just been trying to do some indoor video footage with my X-T30.  I've only previously shot video on a "proper" video camera (many years ago) so in the learning stages on the X-T30.

I set the camera to FHD_16:9, 29.97 fps, 50MBPS.  (I tried a few combos such as 25fps and 100MBPS to see how it went.  100MBPS looked like it was going to eat my memory card up too fast.)

As my frame rate was 30fps, I tried to stay at 1/60 SS minimum - which I'd want anyway(?) to avoid motion blur for sports.

However, at anything above 1/30, I got rolling shutter "banding" from the indoor lights (UK so 50Hz).  Shooting at 1/30 seemed to be ok re the rolling shutter effect but it breaks the rule of thumb of SS = min twice frame rate.

It seems ok, am I missing anything?  It'd be nice to understand the implications of some of the above.


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