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Adjust Aperture/Speed in Automatic mode


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Hi all, I am new to Fuji and I am still learning the camera UI.

Ideally I would like to keep the Aperture and Shutter Speed to AUTO and act on two things:

1) Adjust Exposure Compensation using the front dial.

2) Adjust the Aperture/Shutter Speed combination using the thumb dial. (while always respecting the exposure compensation I set)

Now I am able to do 1) but I am not able to do 2) to tweak the aperture or shutter speed while in automatic.

I know I can set the SS dial to T, but I don't like that since it doesn't always ensure the exposure I set.

Is it possible to do this kind of setup?

Thanks in advance,


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I do not think you will have much success trying to change the shutter speed or aperture while those settings are set to auto. The auto setting tells the the camera to attempt to get the exposure as close as possible to an ideal setting, so it takes control of the parts that are in “auto” mode and adjusts them accordingly.

What will work is Aperture Priority, where you set a f-stop and the camera picks a shutter speed (ss is set to A), or Shutter Priority, where you set a shutter speed and the camera picks a f-stop (aperture is set to A). In either case, if you have set the ISO to auto, the camera will also adjust the ISO within the upper and lower limits you put in the setup menus. I am not quickly recalling which auto settings are acted on in which order. You can overide these some with the exposure compensation dial.

p.s. Welcome to the forum.

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Thanks jerryy
I did not think about the ISO variable, I can try to adapt to use an aperture or speed priority mode...

Strange it cannot be done, I used this setup in my old Canon. I find it very intuitive and fast...

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Shutter Priority is what the Canon world calls Tv mode, similarly, Aperture Priority is the same as Av mode.

Depending on how you set up the command dials you can use them to change the shutter speed / f-stop similar to the index finger control dial on some Canon cameras.

How did you have your camera set-up? There are a lot of ways to adapt those methods over to your new camera.

edit: Sometimes leaning on what is familiar helps you learn the new, sometimes it holds you back from trying the new.

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