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I did and could not find one anywhere!

PS I'm not selling anything

I did not want to use my phone as I shoot in precarious spots and did not want to risk injury and loss of phone at the same time and tbh I like to take time away from my phone when immersed in photography

I did not want a cable release either as its a faff and a risk to pull tripod over by accident imo

I also did not want a remote with a transmitter added to the camera because its more stuff to setup and take and more places for water to get in

I managed to eventually get this sorted after much hassle and thought I'd share.

I am NOT selling anything and all youll need to buy is the transmitter and follow the step by step instructions

I was contemplating having this brought to market but tbh fuji could just bring one to market in days and at half the cost I ever could.

Why give away my little limited edition secret? Well why not? I may get a coffee bought for my hard work but tbh I just felt like sharing something that has made my fuji life better

Anyway I hope that helps anyone out


My blog explains what to do


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