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Firmware kaizen requests!

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Here's a list of firmware requests for the X-H2 / X-H2s I've either had myself or collected from videos/reviews. Feel free to add more or disagree/agree in comments!

  • Control
    • The ability to put ISO on a dial.
    • Switch to Nikon ISO adjustment style (press + hold ISO button and use wheel, let go of ISO button and it selects, instead of tap). I came from Canon many years ago, but Nikon's system is much faster!
    • Disable expanded ISO (helps make ISO adjustment faster)
    • This may not be something everyone agrees with, but I'd like them to remove auto-ISO from the ISO adjustment menu, and put it in its own menu. Why? Because I want 125 to be the hard stop at the bottom when I'm quickly trying to re-adjust ISO with the wheel. Alternatively, give me a way to assign switching to a specific ISO setting to a button with one press. Basically, ISO adjustment is too slow and fiddly!
    • A menu option to toggle the camera between 1/3rd stop adjustments and 1/2 stop adjustments for shutter/aperture/ISO. 1/2 stop makes doing manual adjustments much faster.
    • The ability to assign a button to turn on and off any interface element in the EVF. The one I want in particular is the grid-- I would love to be able to quickly turn this on and off as needed.
  • Pixel-shift
    • In-camera combination of pixel-shift, or at bare minimum some way for the camera to mark that the cameras are a pixel shift group so they don't get lost before I load them into the app on my computer.
  • Autofocus
    • A better system for switching between AF subject detection for face/various kinds of animals. Currently I need two buttons (face and subject) and I still need to go into the menus to switch between subject type!
    • It does seem as though autofocus needs a little tuning. The box in continuous tracking mode tracks things well, but if you try and shoot at the same time it "misses" some of the shots. This feels like asking for the moon, given how much AF as improved, except that Canon/Nikon/Sony/OM does this pretty much bulletproof now. Fuji is close, maybe they can get to 100% in an update...

Thats all! Honestly for me the "control" options are most important. I picked the X-H2 for the viewfinder, but If I'm going to give up manual shutter/ISO dials, the command dial system has to be perfect. Love it so far but there's a lot they could improve with little changes.

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I like these.  Especially the Nikon style ISO hold and release switch.  Would be way faster and more intuitive.  I will add a few:

  • Improve the FHD240 on the X-H2S. It is incomprehensible that it is as bad as it is. Just why?
  • Option to turn off NR entirely.  The -4 still has some NR.
  • Option to output 4K signal through HDMI while recording 6.2K open gate internally. I have searched for this in the menu system and have not found it anywhere, so I am guessing it isn't currently an option. Also, I don't know if it's possible, processing-wise.  But if it is, I would like to see it.
    • Turns out if you turn on HDMI Info in the output settings it will send out a 4K signal of your 6.2K open gate that any 4K monitor can read. Seems like adding a clean 4K output of it is not only possible then, but should be a no-brainer.
  • Anamorphic desqueeze modes.
  • More video monitoring options like vectorscope and waveform.  This is low priority for me though.  It's a small screen, and I can monitor this stuff externally (if I can monitor at all, which I can't currently in 6.2K!)
  • ADDED: Locked 3-axis IBIS mode for wide angle lenses to get rid of the wobbling.
  • ADDED: Object Tracking AF mode for video. For some reason just realized it's only a photo AF mode right now. But the fact that it exists makes me hopeful it could be added to video.

Other than these things, I am pretty happy with my X-H2S.  I do not see what others are complaining about in the colors, etc., though maybe I will when I start editing more.  Who knows.  But the output I've seen from the camera looks superb.  If I find limitations, I'll work with it.

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Added the IBIS suggestion. Added note on 4K output of 6.2K open gate. Added object tracking AF for video.
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FHD240 is particularly bad on this X-H2S.  What is this elongated noise pattern in the highlights at ISOs greater than 1500--impossible to get rid of with temporal noise reduction in Davinci Resolve.  Probably not going to happen as it is most likely a function of the stacked sensor.

Improvements must be made ISO adjustments..  I don't really care what they are as long as changing ISO does not obscure the histogram.  Who at FujiFilm thought this was a good idea?  They need to be terminated!  How about when you press the ISO button (or any other assignable button), you can adjust the ISO with the front command wheel something like X-T3/T4 without obscuring the histogram?

Video autofocus does not require a Kaizen change--small incremental improvement.  We have been getting small--very small improvements for years while other companies have been making far greater advancements.  What we need is Kaikaku--radical change..

If there are multiple faces in and area, face detect jumps around from face-to-face like a whore conducting her love life.  Same thing with subject detect.  If there is mildly complicated background FujiFilm continues to finds birds in the bushes that do not exist spoiling the clip.  How about a firmware change that once you press record, the subject that was detected stays detected until the subject moves out of frame or you stop recording.

FujiFilm needs to get some engineers who see things differently and can design a world class autofocus system. They have the hardware to do it.  But does FujiFilm have the will?  No more of this insect and drone detect BS and calling it an improvement!  Who do they think they are fooling?  Just the FR crowd. LOL.

While I am on a roll.  How about a smoother IBIS.  The X-H2S does not represent much change from the X-T4.

Plus,  all the other things the previous posters suggested.


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