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Exposure preview issue on X-T5


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When using the front dial on my X-T5  to adjust exposure compensation, the EVF and LCD stop giving proper exposure preview after 3 stops over or under. Exposure looks the same on EVF and LCD at +3, +4, +5 and -3, -4 -5. Any one else having this issue or know the fix?

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Possibly that has been the problem I have been experiencing and not able to idenitfy what is happening.  When I am in Aperture mode all has been well but when shooting birds (especially in flight) I am in shutter priority and having serious issues with exposure not previewing properly in the EVF.  I end up with some extremely dark shots while the preview showed good, likely as my SS is at 1/1000+, with f8.0, and ISO anything less than 12800.   I find I have to check my image after I take it to be sure my exposure was good.  

Most likely in Aperture mode my exposure is never that far off but in shutter priority my exposure is too far off for the front dial to compensate for.  My conclusion is that the exposure preview has been quite inconsistent.

I have found though, that when I turn "Bird Tracking" off this does not happen.  Give that a try - it's possible there is a conflict with Bird tracking and exposure preview,  I really have not had the time to play with it enough but so far this has been my observation.  At this point all is a guess.


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Thanks Lumens! Half pressing the shutter does work to preview exposure (past +/- 3 stops) when in AFS, but not in AFC.

Exposure preview works fine until I go beyond +/- 3 stops of compensation.

I know there are workarounds – like going full manual or using spot metering to avoid the need to go beyond +/- 3 stops of compensation. It just seems odd that the camera can’t preview the exposure past +/- 3 stops in AFC.

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I experienced (and still do) this exact same frustration when I switched from Nikon to Fuji when the XT-30 came out!  I love my XT-30 but this preview issue in shutter priority still creates issues sometimes for me.

In this mode the Fuji system is more like a "quick develop" system (take a shot and see what your image looks like) vs. a true mirror less preview.  Perhaps it could be called darkroom mode? I think we should at least get a menu item to choose.

There are several older threads on dpreview that discuss this same topic.  The basic feedback is "it isn't a bug it is a feature" or "that's how Fuji does it". And photographers that have shot Fuji forever don't even seem to realize it or see why some of us feel it is an issue.... The way they shoot is shoot, preview, then use exp comp. This is fine, I do that too when I need to, and that dial is great, but preview should still be preview. 

FWIW the positives of this system outweigh the negatives but it almost made me return my XT-30 way back then. 



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