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Fujifilm 100-400mm OIS


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Has any 100-400 owners have or had any issues with the OIS?

When in IS Mode 'Continuous" or Shooting Only" the OIS on my 100-400mm will function normally for a while and then suddenly stop working, the only way to get it working again is to turn the camera off for about a minute and then turn it back on and the OIS will start working again, also switching the OIS ON and OFF on the lens does not help, this happens on my X-T3 and now also on my X-T5, its annoying when trying to shoot wildlife handheld and suddenly you have no OIS. Any ideas?

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You could try quickly switching the battery. I think this usage would require a lot of power, and if it's the battery's fault, at least you wouldn't have to keep the camera off for a whole minute.

But I don't know. I guess something inside could be heating up.

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Going on a whale watching cruise on a large sailboat. Is it crazy to expect my XH-1 and even more importantly that my 100-400mm can work well enough against boat movement? This question assumes not sailing in really rough conditions. I know there is no perfect answer, but I don’t want to haul this largish system around for half a day for nothing. Perhaps I should dry dock myself and stick to street photography! 😅

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