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What is causing "READ ERROR" on X-T2?

bawdsey jr

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Hi Everyone,

No it is not that card read error which is usually caused by hidden files after viewing files on a Mac etc...

No it is not a faulty SD card, multiple cards showing the error in the same camera (X-T2) the same cards working fine in other fuji/sony cameras.

What happened, I have upgraded the firmware to the latest (it is version 4.40 for the camera body) - although I haven't used the camera for a while, but recently it is producing this dreaded error message when reviewing the still images on camera. When I check the images (JPG) on a computer they look corrupted - to a degree, still readable images with lots of colour lines etc.

You may think it could be a hardware issue, but it is not! When I record 4K video, it is done perfectly and saved to the SD card, can easily play it back in camera and looks absolutely fine when reviewed on computer.

It looks like the camera (software/firmware) saving a still image to the card incorrectly and then files become corrupted. It is not affected by JPEG quality or RAW file compression. Also the card has been formatted in camera and/or computer - it has no effect on the error message/issue.

Please help, as my X-T2 has been very close to my heart... this one was my favourite camera.
My suspicion is that it should be the firmware update - unfortunately there is no way to install a rollback version to the camera body.



(please note this is the same topic as seen on dpreview: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/66739489 )

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I had a similar issue a few years ago, and after contacting Fuji, they had me download an older firmware version to get the camera working, and then do the latest version download again.

I was back in business.  

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