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Black line/dots on the image


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Hi All!!

Im new user here. I've found forum when I was searching for the information regarding camera sensor. I have some some strange lines on my X-T2's. I have unmounted lens from the camera, taken photo- and I'm sure that the problem is in camera itself. I have tried different F numbers- do not influence into the lines. Maybe someone of You have meet such a strange lines?

Maybe it's scratched camera sensor or it's a bad pixel- I can not see this defect on the camera sensor- looks like there is no dust, no scratch.

I have tried also pixel mapping but it doesn't help, or maybe I'm doing it wrong.

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There is actually a thin protective glass piece over the sensor. If you have tried using sensor swab cleaners, — these clean the outside of that glass — then you may need to have camera repair clean the inside of the glass. That black thing looks like some kind of dust.

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Thank You. It's good news. I hope that it is only dust. But for sure, camera needs to go for service. I've asked Fujifilm Poland, but I need to wait for reply.

Firstly I was thinking that it might be a scratch or pixel defect, but irregular shape in magnification seems to me that it is a dust.

....but camera itself- perfect for me together with 35/1.4:)

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