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X-T20 - XC 15-45 f3.5 Vs. XF 23mm f/2 R WR lens.


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Hi all,

I've been thinking of investing the the Fujifilm XF 23mm f/2 R WR lens as an 'improvement' to my current lens, the kit 15-45 f3.5 which came with my X-T20. Around £300 would get you a good example on the MPB website, but is it worth it? Is it that much of an improvement over the kit lens that it's worth the hassle?

Help and advice is much appreciated,


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I am a big fan of the XC 15-45, and while I do not own the 23 mm prime, I do have a 35 mm prime. I shot both lenses ad nauseum to see which was better, and as much as I like the XC 15-45, the prime offers the faster aperture and sharper detail, which doesn't really become a factor unless you print the photo or pixel peep it. The XC zoom, however, takes a mighty fine photo, and the utility of a zoom comes in handy when shooting while you are on the move. Not mention the XC's miniscule weight, also important when you are on the move.

The way I decide which to shoot relies mainly on my plans for the session. If I'm shooting creative compositions in a fixed location, I choose the prime every time. If I'm out and about, the XC 15-45 is my tool of choice. I am a proponent of having both, once you get used to the unconventional operation of the XC 15-45.   

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