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v3.24 Update to XF 18-55 Zoom


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I updated my XF 18-55 (made in Japan) a few days ago and it started doing the horrible squealy noise when zoomed between 35-55mm. I had looked at a few posts about the firmware before updating but somehow missed all of the posts regarding the issues people were having! It doesn't seem to be super widespread but I've personally seen posts from at least 20 people affected by this issue.

Thankfully it's a quick and easy fix.

By sheer luck, a single copy of the previous 3.23 firmware was archived on the Wayback Machine so I could compare it to the current 3.24 firmware I had downloaded and installed.

When the camera loads the firmware from the SD card, it looks at the file header for the version number. If it's the same or higher than the current lens version it will install, if it's lower it won't install it.

So the above 3.23 version above is useless as the camera will refuse to downgrade to a lower version.


I used the brilliant FujiHack firmware patcher to increment the version number by 1 so that the 3.23 firmware would appear to the camera as 3.24, and thus allow it to re-install over the faulty 3.24 firmware.

Click "Choose file" and select the 3.23 firmware downloaded from the Wayback Machine

Make sure the only option selected is "Increment version by 1"

Click "Compile patched firmware" button down the bottom

Go back to the top and click "Download patched firmware"


(I confirmed afterwards with a hex editor that the only change between the original 3.23 and the patched "3.24" version was a single byte near the beginning of the file (23 became 24). No other changes to the firmware file occurred)


You can quickly check the integrity of the patched firmware file by dragging and dropping it here to make sure the patch was applied correctly:

MD5 checksum for the patched firmware: 9f79d44b34c6910a035a9e547edbea3e


Moment of truth... I loaded my patched "3.23 in 3.24 clothing" version onto the SD card, the update ran successfully and upon restarting and doing the firmware check the lens now says version 3.23 (as the actual firmware version number is contained in the code, the header is simply to tell the installer which version it's looking at before installing)

Squealing issue is completely gone and the behavior of my lens is back to normal! I've had confirmation from a couple of other people that this works for them too.

All the usual caveats apply here of course, YMMV, use at your own risk, void your warranty etc.

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I copied the patched firmware to SD, but the camera said it couldn't find the firmware to update...I did it correctly until the last step and it didn’t work.

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