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What's missing from the GFX lens catalog?

Giampaolo Masserano

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For me, a mid tele zoom 75-150, lightweight good for travel and that complements the 32-64 or the 35-70 many people have. Right now I have to use a Pentax 645 80-160 still good but almost 3 lbs with adapter, 9" long and manual focus. The 100-200 is too heavy and there's big gap btw 64 and 100 mm.

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I feel as though Fuji now needs to focus on making the lenses not necessarily faster, but a little more streamlined. Look at Leica SL lenses or the new Hasselblad V series. They have a distinctive look of quality and like eye candy.

just my 2 cents but in any case newer lighter lenses are always welcomed



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