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fuji f2 prime v sigma 1.4 prime v vitrox 1.4 prime


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hi everyone .

i just bought the xt5 my first decent camera .im looking to buy 2 -3 primes . i have watched loads of videos an all the listed primes . i hear mixed reviews on the viltrox primes some say there great other reviews say they not that good . i hear mostly very good reviews on the sigma's only downside lack of the aperture ring ( not sure if it's a deal breaker ) ,then u got the fuji f2 primes good value for the price but not as sharp or as fast as the new fuji 1.4 . what primes would you guys recommend .i could go for maybe 2 or 3 primes in the 400-500 range or just go and buy 1 of the new fuji 1.4 either the 23 f1.4 or the 33. f1.4 . 

but would be very interested to hear you thoughts on the viltrox primes . 


any info would be great for this newbie 


thank you guys 

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You say this is your first decent camera. What are you planning to do with the photos? Sell high art? Use for personal use and family?

I have had the x-T1 and X-t2 since they came out. I just bought the X-t5 as I shoot a lot of sports action of my grandkids and some travel and landscape. I have had all Fuji lens' but just bought the Viltrox 13mm for general use. I shot some sample night shots last night and was impressed with the focus and quality of the pics. Normally, my go-to prime as been the Fuji F2 23mm, although the F2 35mm is really good too. On the other end, the Macro 80mm Fuji lens has given me some stunning portraits as well as macro flower shots.

I would probably start with the 23mm and then determine what you can't do with that lens and move to add on as needed.

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thanks for your reply . 

i just wanted the camera as a hobby .will mainly use camera for scenery and landscapes .maybe like to get into some street photography .and of course some family stuff too .nothing professional or anything .i got drones so got a camera to take pic while im on my travels .im starting to think i might start of with a couple of sigma's as i think there great value .can always trade up down the road .but thanks again for the input 


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