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Xpro 1 wont get anything in Focus

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I'm turning to this forum in desperation because I've already failed with my problem at many customer services. I have the feeling that I just can't get anything in focus with my Xpro-1. Every picture looks blurry, whether autofocus or manual. The bokeh does not appear clearly defined but rather greasy and simply unclean. I first noticed the problem when I was adapting Leica-R lenses and not a single image gave me sharp results. I simply thought it was because of bad buildquality of my adapter and then got a native X-mount lens: The Zeiss Touit 32 f 1.8. With this lens, too, I constantly have the feeling that I am not getting "critical focus" and only a few pictures are satisfactory. It is also noticeable that when I set it to infinity in manual mode, there is simply nothing in focus anymore and focus in the distance cannot be achieved in general. So I'm wondering: maybe the sensor isn´t in its proper place anymore and that's why the focus plane has shifted? If anyone has any idea or advice I would be very grateful if he/she would reply to me on this. If desired, I can send example pictures to explain my problem in more detail.

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