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Stuck Pergear 25mm on my Fuji X-E1


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Can any one help please... i have a Pergear 25mm lens stuck half way on my Fuji X-E1... i haven't turned the lens all the on for fear of never getting it off. 

i've tried with all my might to get it off and it will not budge.

Should i try and fix it all the way on and hope for the best when i release it and try to take it off...

Very worried i might break the camera... Can anyone please help?

Thank you.

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Just manged to get it off, unfortunately forcefully... After an hour of trying to fathom it out, searching google, YouTube and chat rooms... However the seller of this Pergear 25mm lens tells me that these lenses are a tight fit... Has anyone else heard of this? Thank you.

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