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Just a question about firmware. I believe technically there is not much difference between the X-A1 and X-A2, in terms of hardware (other then the screen). As such would it be possible for the X-A2 firmware to be installed on the X-A1? 


A hacker somebody who knows code probably could without too much trouble, theoretically. But until then, we can not.

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I am new to this forum and had just sold my Ricoh GR.

In the past, I have always choose camera with built-in viewfinder, for the GR, I use an optical finder as a make shift.

Having owned before X100, X100S etc, I am a bit tired of its size.  GR was fine but somehow, the focus speed and the color - personally not to my liking, not to mention that WB.

As I researched further, I am interested in the X70.  Since I already owned a XT1, I am kind of narrowed my interest between XM-1, XA1 and XA2 as a take-everywhere camera.  Am I right to assume the following: 

1. XM1 and XA1/2 has different sensor, one with AA filter and one without?

2. X-A1 and X-A2 has not much difference except the screen on latter can be tilted upwards?  Anything else that is different between the two?

Thanks for all the feedback

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1 yes


2 yes, no


Buying the X-A1 gives you the same camera with the sole exception of the LCD screen.


Personally I wouldn’t be interested in selfies. In my part of the world the first model can be found very cheap secondhand.


Having said that. While the X-A certainly gives you the possibility to familiarize yourself with the fuji camera system, is not in the same category of other cameras.


You can buy a X-E1 new or secondhand for very little money and have a camera with a viewfinder, which you will discover it will help you not only when there is a lot of sunlight but also  to hold the camera differently with a consequent higher image stability.


Good luck!

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The other difference between X-A1 and X-A2 is not in th camera, but in the lens kits


If you can stil pick up a retail X-A1 it is shipped with 1st generation XC 16-50 (and in some cases, XC -50-230), where the X-A2 is supplied with 2nd generation versions


I do not believe there is an optical difference (not that I have tested both revisions)


From what I have read the 2nd revision has better OIS, and closer focusing, i'm sure others can confirm this.



Also on Fuji uk website for X-A2 also quotes a longer battery life, and eye detection (among other focus improvements), face detection was present on X-A1 but tbh i don't know about eye and can't check atm 

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I beg to differ.


The camera is different, you cannot tilt the EVF towards the subject in the first model. The XA2 is specifically marketed as a “ selfie” camera.


The lenses have minor differences in the OIS and minimum focussing of only the 16-50 ( but these are not necessarily sold with the camera)




” The FUJIFILM X-A2 is the first X Series model to feature an LCD screen that flips up 175 degrees making it easier to take a selfie. "



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