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Manual focus during video recording not working


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I have just upgraded my firmware to 1.70 and now my manual focus during video recording has stopped. 

Manuel focus works fine to set up your focus but once you hit the record button, manual focus stays in the same position and the wire focus does not work.


I have tried this with three different lenses all with the same problem

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Hi, I just started to use my video features on my XT3/4 (after years of just Photo shooting) and have discovered the same issue. I upgraded to the lastest firmware recently.

The 23mm f1.4 clutch lens DOES video MF in M mode..... UNTIL YOU HIT REC VIDEO. Then the MF ring doesn't do anything at all. BUT that same situation WORKS fine, on other non-clutch lenses (tested with 35f2, 18-55f2.8, 50-140f2.8, 56 f1.2)

Do you recall this happening only AFTER upgrading to the last firmware? If so, WE NEED TO MAKE FUJI KNOW, TO FIX IT ASAP!! This is very shameful FUJI!


I found a workaround. It's VERY clumsy but for now does the trick, WITH STRONG LIMITATIONS:

1) In M mode, with the clutch activated on the 23mm f1.4 lens, MF your scene.

2) Then Switch to S mode, making sure the FOCUS SQUARE IS AT THE SAME PLACE OF YOUR FOCUS INTEREST.

DONT SKIP THIS, otherwise the focus by wire will move the focus point (focus at other distance) the MOMENT YOU HIT REC, and then the LENS CLUTCH focus MARK and the CAMERA focus MARK WON'T MATCH, thus making IMPOSSIBLE to MF, as the THROW lenght AVAILABLE on the LENS CLUTCH won't be enough, so you cannot REACH EITHER THE CLOSEST OR LONGEST FOCUS POINT!! This happens because Clutch lenses have hard stops when MF.

3) Press Recording, and IMMEDIATLY TURN THE MF RING, VERY VERY SLIGHTLY, so to DISABLE AF, and therefore avoid the camera to move the focus point somewhere else. This is because despite being in S (rather than C) mode, the AF point KEEPS updating!!! ANOTHER BROKEN THING !!

4) This workaround will work ONLY if the camera Video settings for AF+MF is set to ON

5) With all the above, DONT MOVE THE FOCUS RING TOO FAST!!! Otherwise the lens-and-camera focus marks won't match again (looks like it loses the LINEAR FOCUS mode), and you won't be able to focus to infinity or closest, while REC video.


THIS IS A TOTAL MESS!!!!!!!. My workaround is a PITA, but at least it works, if you do it very very carefully!


(I'M VERY DISSAPOINTED WITH FUJI after this! Hello Sony? Means no AF issues, Magic eyeAF, Insane Continus AF for photo/video, ISO 1million, etc, etc)


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Are there any updates to this? Can’t believe that it hasn’t been fixed with another FW update yet. Just found out about this problem yesterday. I’m also surprised not many people are complaining about it. 

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Hi, The same problem here, with my XT4 (Firmware 1.7)

I contacted Fuji Germany and they said i should send them the camera. I told them that there are several customers complaining about that issue but they didnt respond to that.

Today i went to buy a used model in my town and to my surprise this Model (firmware 1.6) had that same issue!

Are there People having Problems even with that later Firmware Version?

I keep you informed if there are any news.



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Someone from another forum having same issue contacted Fuji Korea. Then Fuji Korea contacted Fuji Japan to report the issue and  they said Fuji Japan have confirmed the problem and will develope the firmware update. 

So I hope they will fix the issue soon.

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