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New owner question about viewfinder cleaning and durability

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Hello, I recently got an xpro 3 and I have to say what a fun experience! It takes me back to when I first started photography before digital cameras existed. With that said, I’m curious how to clean the front viewfinder element? I keep accidentally putting my left finger on it out of habit when holding the camera. The manual is very vague in care description and only mentions a soft cloth, so I’m guessing that’s the method but thought I’d ask other owners. Also, with the front viewfinder glass exposed, how durable is it? Will it hold up overtime with use? Thank you in advance and looking forwards to learning more about this wonderful camera 

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The glass is rather durable.  Unless you gouge it with keys or something else in your bag most likely you'll upgrade your camera before the glass is scratched too much.

As far as cleaning, I clean all my glass with an old, 30 year old cloth diaper that I used on my girls.  I have several of them.  If you don't have any of that, a good quality microfiber cloth, and a drop of eye glass cleaning fluid on a Q-Tip will take care of the viewfinder --- also very good on the rear panel, and lenses bTw

Hope that helps.  

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