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X-T5 for hobby


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The flip screen on the XT5 will be good for street photography. It is nice to be able to take photos from a lower perspective, not just at eye level. I have used an XE2 for street photography for several years and the advantage of the “rangefinder” style is that some people will ask if it is a Leica! 
The additional resolution of the XT5 will give you more flexibility if you choose to crop an image. 

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I have  an XPRO-2 and an XT-5 (recently upgraded  from  and XT-3).  I didn't make the upgrade to XPRO-3 or XT-4 because I didn't see  fundamental improvement in the X-Pro, and the XT-4 was tilting too far to the video side of the  house with it's flippy screen and such. I have zero interest in making  video.

The XT-5 is a seriously capable camera, but if you are looking for casual shooting - handheld  camera that  doesn't shout  PHOTOGRAPHER!! I'd look at for a clean, gently used XPRO-2 with the exceptionally sharp,  compact and weather sealed "Fujicron" primes like  the 23mm f/2  and 50mm f/2.  If we have the  patience we might someday see an XPRO-4 that has the megapixels and processor of the XT-5, and in the mean time enjoy the very capable XPRO-2


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