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Missing Parts needed

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I recently managed to secure a rare used xpro-3. It came with the original box nothing else. I would like to get the necktrap and hard copy manual. Is there a cdrom usually in the box?

I have exhausted avenues in NZ so looking further afield



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The manual is available online as pdf or html - also has the new features added by firmware that wouldn't have been available with the original manual


anything you would need from a CD-ROM would also be available on the Fujifilm web site to download

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I know this is an old thread, but for those running across it in the future: I just bought a (brand new) X-Pro3. The box does not contain a CD-ROM (which are frankly obsolete), nor a hard-copy manual. Rather, it has a warranty/registration card, a sheet listing options for contacting support, and a promo card for Capture One. The inside flap of the box also has a URL and QR Code to access the manual online.

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