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problems with xt3

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Hallo everyone!! I would like your feedback on some issues I have been experiencing, and sadly not good ones ☹ One of my x cameras, an xt3 has died on me. Has anyone experienced any problems and denied service of their camera just because it was not purchased in the country or region of residence (not talking about warranty)? Also has anyone had his camera die on him after installing a new firmware? Has anyone’s camera repeatedly set itself back to factory settings? The camera stuck and eventually not working at all?

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Was the camera purchased from a Fujifilm authorised retailer?

In the UK the situation is a bit ambiguous - it doesn't specifically say if grey imports will be accepted for paid repair:

For products that are under warranty - Many countries have different warranty terms therefore we would review all warranty claims on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our support team on 0344 553 2321 or email csd_uk@fujifilm.com and a member of our team will be happy to help. For products outside of warranty - Please visit our website to book a chargeable repair. If your product was found to be purchased from a non-authorised retailer, it may be considered to be a grey import. In these cases, FUJIFILM UK reserve the right to reject the warranty.


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I had a problem with a 10-24mm lens that was a grey import from Hong Kong. It was repaired with no issues, but of course I had to pay. I live in the UK. I have had no problems like yours with my X-T3. It sounds to me that something went wrong during  the firmware upgrade and the rest followed from that.

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