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General user tutorial?

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Hello everyone,

I just got my X-H2 and I am excited as can be. But I have to admit I’m a little lost. So many questions, and I don’t know where to turn.

First of all does anyone know if there’s any kind of online tutorial specifically about using the X-H2? I have signed up for some of the Fuji tutorials but they’re more about composition and I’m not ready for that. I just really need to understand all the knobs and dials and settings, etc. For example, when I import files to my computer, I don’t have any camera information whatsoever so I’m obviously doing something in a way that could be improved, But that’s just one of many questions I’m piling up


Any guidance for a newbie would be greatly appreciated.

any guidance for a newbie would be greatly appreciated.



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    Point 1: There are too many options to learn. Most of us learn what we need to and go back to the manual in special cases. It's too easy to get overwhelmed. Find a guide that gets you shooting a few shots, selecting a few to keep and maybe doing a simple edit or two, Even the phrase "newbie" has many levels. You mention "camera information"; photos will have EXIF data attached will tells which lens was used, the aperture and shutter speed, but this isn't a lot of use until you're more advanced.

    When I got into photography there were many magazines and some would have an article aimed at beginners, one written for generalists (one month would talk about landscapes, the next might be on children) and one on advanced technique. These days when I have a problem I know there's an answer somewhere. I have a list of people I trust, whether they produce text or video, and I'll check their answers first. I keep up with the ones who shoot Fuji so we're looking at the same menus.

    Does the store who sold you the camera have a "getting started" program? I treasure my pictures of friends and a couple from travels. With practice and patience you'll find out what you're supposed to find out.

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Thanks very much for your reply. Yup, I’ve got to just stay shooting and learning. Just had hoped there might be generic walkthrough of features, cheat sheet sorta thing. Got the camera from Amazon- don’t think they offer anything along those lines. As far as EXIF data, I’m very interested in that, especially f-stop and shutter speed, not to mention location. But when I offload photos via Fuji Cam Remote- zero information comes along with the image. 

I’ll keep diggin’ keep learning 


thanks again



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