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Is XH2 & XH2s suitable for TV Broadcast ?


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I have to shoot an interview for Finnish TV and was wondering if it is possible to do that with the XH2 or XH2s: here are their requirements:

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I am not an expert, but from this I deduce it potentially could?

If so, can anybody tell me which settings to use in-camera? I would be so grateful for an answer.

Apologies in advance for all the experts out there- I am  not very well learnt yet with all things codec/color space etc for broadcast,  as I mostly shoot for social and web.

Thank you, Djun

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For these requirements, a X-H2 or X-H2s is serious overkill, you could use a X-T4 or one of the older models and record the video and meet these spec requirements. The only kicker is the interlaced video — that is an older over-the-air-broadcast-video type, using progressive scan video came in with the digital video delivery days. You can convert the types, p —> i. If you really need interlaced video, internet search engines are your friend!

Here are the specs for the X-H2:


Scroll down to the video sections, you will be looking for [Full HD] 1920 x 1080 25p, which gives a range of bit rates from the 50mbps to much higher quality bitrates, but note: everything with p after the number means progressive scan.


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