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F LOG native ISO vs Film Simu. lowest ISO


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Hello guys, I've a question and I really appreciate if you could help me.

I've a Fuji XT4 and i normally use Eterna film simulation in the lowest ISO possible. The question is, now I have a project and i wanna shoot in F-Log, i know you can't go below 640 ISO because supposedly is Fuji native ISO. But i did some tests and Flog at 640 ISO and has a lot more noise compared with Eterna at 160 ISO.

I've tested with -4 NR and 0 NR and still, the FLog has a lot more noise compared with eterna or every other simu. at 160 ISO.

What i'm doing wrong?

Note: You can only see that difference when the video is running, i've tried in Premiere, DaVinci and even did an export and transfer it to iphone and yes, is noticeable.

Thank you

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