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Fuji X-E3 Loss of Settings with a change of battery!

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Found an old topic with exact same problem on an other camera model. After some googling and watching some teardown videos on YouTube, I have not found out, what kind of battery is inside the X-E3. If someone knows it or had already a replacement, I would appreciate a comment.

After some investigation and testing, I am quiet sure, that the internal battery gets only charged from USB. If the main battery voltage is high enough, the voltage is superseding the internal CMOS battery and prevent discharging. Just to put a full battery in the device seems not to help at all for CMOS battery charging. > Put a battery in and connect to USB from time to time to preserve the CMOS settings!

My problem was, that I had sometimes used the Fujifilm DC Adapter, which is basically a fake battery with a DC cable attached to it. I only used the adapter for a month, but it was enough to kill the internal CMOS battery!

Temporary workaround: If I connect an USB power bank during battery swap, it seems to prevent the lose of settings, time and pairing.

Very annoying that that they implemented such a faulty design across so many models! - Modern Real-Time-Clocks consume almost 0 uA and flash storage for the settings should also be around for free. No need to use SDRAM. A supercapacitor should power such an RTC for over a half a year easily and also would recharge at any point in time not like a lithium battery which will go bad for sure.


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That sounds very strange. I have three X series cameras,  but admittedly not an X-T20.  On mine the internal battery is maintained perfectly by the replaceable battery. I don't see why it should be different for the X-T20. I think you have a faulty camera. Contact your nearest Fuji repair centre and ask them about it.

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