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Complete overhaul of my lenses, need some input


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So the X-T5 is around the corner and i've decided to sell my X-T3 and X100V and only use the X-T5. The lenses I got today are:

10-24mm WR

50mm f2


Laowa 65mm

The only lens of these that I've decide to keep is the 50mm. I love it and use it all the time. Also it will get maximum benefit of the 40mp sensor in the X-T5. The others...not so much. According to Fujifilm.

I shoot mainly street. But I do some nature and macro from time to time. So my idea is this:

Scenario 1: So i'll be shooting the street with the 23mm and my 50mm. Then for nature/landscape and travel i'm leaning towards the Tamron 18-300mm. I mean i'm just a amateur photographer so going for the 8-16mm and 100-400mm or something is bit of an overkill, and pricey. So with that just have those 3 lenses. The 18-300mm, 23mm and 50mm. The thing is i'm not sure if the Tamron 18-300mm can deliver? I've read that it's a bit soft in the edges. Also how are the colors with it, those fuji colors we all love...

Scenario 2: Keep the 10-24mm and 50mm. Add 23mm, 70-300mm and 1,4x teleconverter. This is an option that I like, even though it's more expensive. Not sure about the 70-300mm though. Seen reviews that talk about it not being super sharp? And the downside with this scenario is the lack of an "travel lens" like the 18-300mm would be.

What makes most sense? Or maybe anyone of you got a better scenario? You guys who owns the Tamron 18-300mm how is it compared to Fuji lenses? You guys who got the 70-300mm, is it sharp and worth it's price?

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20 minutes ago, cpX said:

Well then have fun with the 40MP sensor. The RAW photos I have seen so far are not convincing. Not to mention the noise caused by the extremely small sensor pixels.

Thanks. Not really what my post was about. I asked for input about lenses.

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I'd keep the X-T3 and the X100V to be honest. And I'd keep the lenses you have too. I have a pair of X-T30-II's and I don't miss the IBIS at all. Neither do I have any problem with image quality with the 26MP sensor. I rather suspect your X-T3 is no better or worse that my X-T30-II's and I think they are rather good to be honest. I'm not about to rush out and swap  anything for an X-T5 for a good while yet.The IS in my 50-200 works fine when I need it, not sure IBIS would make it worth swapping bodies for.

If I was into macro I would add the XF 60mm f/2.4, or even get a set of extension tubes that support AF. The 50mm f/2 would give awesome results with an extension tube I'm sure.

Swapping all that gear seems like losing a lot of money for possibly a small gain in picture quality unless you are shooting for very large prints.

I just upgraded from Nikon D200's and they were only 10MP and they produced decent enough results for me. The X-T30-II's are noticeably better of course but it took 20+ years to convince myself it was worth replacing them, and the glass was still just fine. But then again I'm not a pixel peeper.

Trying out a set of relatively cheap extension tubes before leaping into a large $$$ outlay would be the way I would go to me.

YMMV of course.

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I'm in a similar situation Marooned, I have an X-S10 and the FUJI 70-300 now. I preordered the X-T5, I'm keeping the 70-300, and I may or may not keep the X-S10. I love the ergonomics and picture quality of the X-S10/70-300 and it's what I learned photography on, mostly wildlife, though I'm still very much an amateur and not qualified to give advice. However, I'm really looking forward to having the tilt screen and Fuji the dials that everyone loves on the X-T5, among other upgrades (40mp,etc). I want to get a new lens to go with my 70-300 but I'm having a hard time deciding. The 16-80 kit seems like the easy answer but, as versatile as it is, I don't think I'll get any "wow, look at this pic" moments from it. I think the 30mm could provide "wow, look at this pic" moments, at least at the macro level, but I'm not sure how good it will be as a travel/portrait lens (though travel/portrait is not as important to me as wildlife/macro). There's a plethora of 23-35 primes that look good too. Lastly, I'm wondering if the 16-55 ($1200 red badge) would do everything I'm looking for but it doesn't have ibis and it's been around a while. Not rich, just looking to buy a macro/travel/street lens that I won't regret buying and I'm willing to spend a little more now if it makes sense. 

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