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Exposure Bracketing issues


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My first and 2nd attempts at AEB3 with an XT4 to be a complete failure, not seeing what the problem is.

I did some evening twilight real estate shots on tripod, in about 40% of the bracketed shots the +2 shot was blurry, even though the 0 & -2 shots were in focus. Also even though the iso was set to 200 the noise level in all the shots is way more than I would expect. Any thoughts? Typical settings for the 0 shot was 1/3rd, f8, iso 200, on tripod w a 2 second self timer. 

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Do you have the exposure bracketing set to use burst mode, see:


rather than one at a time mode?

Even on a tripod with shock absorbers built into the legs, at ⅓ second exposure times, any slight vibration can work its way up the tripod and affect the image. A tiny footstep can ruin an image. And uh, yes, raising the center column can make it worse. At least, that is the myth.

Using burst mode reduces the opportunity time for footsteps, passing vehicles, etc. to affect things.

Your X-T4 has very low read noise at ISO 200, you can look at the https://photonstophotos.net/Charts/RN_ADU.htm

and see where the results. Can you post samples showing the noise? One with the mechanical shutter and one with only the electronic shutter using the same settings as what you posted in your message? This one way to check you do not have any stuck or hot pixels.

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