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Problem with X-S10 Remote Shutter Release

Peter Jordan

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As per the FujiFilm X-S10 User Manual:  I purchased a RR-100 remote shutter release.  

The user manual states the following:  

“Use of an optional RR‑100 remote release requires a third-party adapter to convert the three-pin, φ2.5 mm connector to a three-pin, φ3.5 mm connector.” 

I purchased the two adapters from Amazon.  

The small silver and gold adaptor does not work at all.  

The cable adaptor only works intermittently and - when this cable adapter is installed – often (when handling the remote shutter release without pressing the shutter release button) the camera’s shutter will fire off several exposures even though the button has not been pressed. 

I’m thinking that maybe these are not the correct adaptors – the manual said “three-pin to three-pin.”  The RR-100’s male pin has two black stripes but the adaptors have three black stripes.  I’m thinking these are not “three-pin to three-pin” adaptors). 

Although I searched, I did not find any adaptors on Amazon with two black stripes on the 3.5mm male end. 

I have a photo showing all this but I couldn't figure out how to attach it to this message.


1)  Do you think my theory is correct, is the problem with the adaptor? 

2)  If so, where can I find the correct adaptor?

3)  Is the problem somewhere else – i.e. camera’s menu settings or??

 Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks, Peter Jordan


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3 hours ago, Peter Jordan said:

No replies to my post as of mid-day 10/18.  FYI, FujiFilm Tech Support says this is a known firmware glitch which has been addressed in the latest firmware upgrade.


A lot of us do not have that sort-of new camera, or do not have the accessory for it. Thank you for letting us know a fix is possible.

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