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When connecting my X Pro 3 to my Macbook Pro I am unable to see the SD CARDS at all. I have tried different brands, different cables and different computers and still cannot see the cards that in the camera. When connecting though, my mac does ask if i would like to import the photos and it works but the sd cards are not visible in the file browser.


Does this make sense?

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10 hours ago, BasilBrush said:

ok, so 6 views of this post and no input. I have noticed this about this forum. There seems to be a lot of users reading but not contributing. Admin, cancel my account this place is a waste of time. Very poor forum.

I was going to try and help - but too late it seems

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X RAW Studio doesn't work the way you're thinking it does. It's not a tool for importing images from your SD cards (it doesn't have that functionality), it's a tool that allows the .raf (raw) files stored on your computer or external drive to be routed through and processed by the corresponding camera's native X-Processor (the X-Processor 4 in the case of the X-Pro3). This process is similar to processing the .raf files that are on your SD cards in camera (which will save them back to the SD card). Fuji has essentially just re-written the native on-camera raw file processing application for Apple Mac and Windows.

On a side note, it appears that this was a very frustrating problem for you, and I understand that. Words of advice, don't take your frustrations out by blasting the forum for not helping you. Do a little research. Everything I just mentioned above could have been found in the X RAW Studio Features & User Guide (https://fujifilm-x.com/global/stories/fujifilm-x-raw-studio-features-users-guide/) and a little experimenting. That's how I learned it.

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