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Fuji's BIF AF Tracking A Success Or Hype?

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I've been using my X-H2S for several weeks now and have had very little luck getting it to lock on and focus for BIF (Birds In Flight). It does a fair job of locking onto a sitting bird but absolutely will not recognize a small (think sparrow size and smaller) BIF. Yes I'm using the bird and subject recognition features but other than large slow moving birds I've got zero BIF images. I'm using the X-H2s with the Fuji 70-300 and sometimes the 1.4TC and am curious to know what settings those of you who have attained usable images of BIF are using so please share. I'm not going to list mine now as I'd like to know what others are using first then do a comparison. Please let me know your settings and lens used. Thanks!

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