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Have you tried removing the sd card from the camera, putting it in a card reader and using the computer’s operating system tools to look in the card and see what is on it?

Does the camera let you see them when you scroll around in playback mode?

There are several recovery programs (apps) specially built for retrieving lost images from cards. You might have even been given a coupon or flier for one when you bought the card.

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I think option one is the best approach, i.e. put the card in a reader and let the os tell you what is on it. On a Mac, the card appears as a drive, double click on it to open and you should find some folders inside. Open those and see what you find. The raw files have a .RAF filename ending and the jpeg files end in .JPG, so you can copy these over to your computer and go from there. Linux and Windows do something very similar. Of course, if you are used to command line versions, then go that route, the sd card is handled the same as any other drive.

Since your card is made by Sandisk:


You will need to put your card in a card reader attached to your computer, so you might as well try option one first.

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