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Hit and miss with the GFX

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Hi All,

Good to be a part of the community.

I'm a music and sound head with a passion for photography. Over the last few months the two worlds have been overlapping due to me photographing concerts. I've joined a volunteer group at a music venue and have had an amazing time listening to new music and photographing the bands.

I started with an XE 2 and then jumped to a GFX 50R...yes, quite a transition and maybe not the camera most photographers would reach for for gigs! But, I fell in love with the images/look of the GFX and felt it was similar to the XE 2, a natural progression, to me anyway.

My concert photographs have been hit and miss with the GFX. I'd love to get some expert advice as to whether it is possible to achieve the same look of the GFX with a faster Fuji X camera? I'll post this again in a new topic.

Thanks and good day, Previn.

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20 hours ago, cpX said:

If you still say what exactly you mean by the look? When it comes to colors, sensor noise, dynamic range, depth of field, etc...

All of those factors you mention! They all combine to give the 50R it's look, vibe. A 50R to me, looks like a masterpiece painting compared to other fujifilm cameras (perhaps the XE 2 comes close).

Perhaps this would suggest noise and colour to make a up a unique texture?

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I don't think the 50r was the "best" choice for fast moving concert images -- I'm assuming rock concerts is what you are shooting.  I own both the 50r and the 100s and I shoot little league baseball and soccer with the 100s when I feel like goofing around, and use my XH1 when I really want to nail it with 11fps burst modes.  

As far as the "look" not sure what you mean.  Is it the depth of field?  At the distance you may be shooting concerts at, say from the pit, or the sides I do not feel it'll matter.  You may want to go back to an X series for that type of photography and leave the 50r for more static or slower moving subjects.


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Thank you for your feedback. Okay so this sounds hopeful. The concerts are classical, world and installation. So the subjects are usually sitting down or at least quite static. So far there has been no dynamic rock concerts. But, I may be photographing a ballet concert soon.

So you say the XH 1 is still up to the professional game/level?

I think, I need to get to know my camera better and define my style within it's limits. I love strong contrast. Caravaggio is a big influence.

I also need to go deeper with Capture One.

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