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The Fuji XT1 is getting internal temperature warning and turning off even in minimal usage or idle in 2 minutes or less.

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I always loved the output of X-trans 2 based camera's so I picked up a minty used XT1 but I'm noticing that the camera gets this internal temperature warning and automatically shots off. This happens within 1-2 minutes and I'm not in a hot environment, neither am I taking videos or a lot of images. Just in simple idle mode or browsing the menus or taking some photos - anything I do on the camera and within 2 minutes of usage I get this warning sign. 

Anyone else experienced this?

My XT1 is running the latest firmware update (5.52) aesthetically in mint condition. Purchased from a mid age couple who bought this as a new hobby but claims didn't use it much. When I bought it and tested the camera it didn't happen. I've tried using different memory cards (all Sandisk brands ) two different batteries etc but no luck. 

I also own an XE2 which never had this problem.
Please advise if you know what may be the problem or how to remedy this?

Thank you!

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I can't get my money back but the person who sold it is willing to pay for the repair costs. She provided all her details and willing to work this out. Its an elderly lady who kept the camera in mint condition but I think maybe while in transit from her place to mine, something may have become lose - Parcel handlers aren't always the most careful folks. Its sucks because I love the sensors on these Xtrans-2 cameras and wanted the XT1 to be a backup when my XE2 dies. In any case, the lady already spoke with an authorized Fuji service provider (recommended by Fujifilm locally) and I just have to go deliver it to them. But before I do that, I was curious if anyone else experienced this before on any of their Fuji camaras because apparently the repair can take a month or two based on part availability? One person I know from another photography group said they experienced this with their XT4 and thinks its a mainboard connecter. Another friend of mine who uses Sony had this and claims the motherboard is dying. I'm thinking if there is a connector on the mainboard that measures the temperature? which may have become loose.

Like I stated, the XT1 within a 1-2 minute of being on it gives me the "high temperature" warning then shuts off. This is with minimal usage like browsing the menu or simply taking photos. I'm not doing anything intensive like shooting videos or continuous focus shots. Even in idle the camera gives the high temp warning and its not even getting warm, I'm using it in a mild environment. If only there was a way to turn off the "high temperature" - I think some thermal connector may have become lose and its likely not even overheating but just sending the warning message instead. I wonder if the mainboard has some connected that measures the heat temps (?).

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56 minutes ago, lucidexplore said:

I can't get my money back...


Fortunately, it is not yet so far that I would have to sue the parcel shipping because it does not handle the packages correctly. If the digital camera was really broken because of shipping, then the person would have to report the broken digital camera to the parcel shipping. The corresponding sum insured would then have to be paid out. Ultimately, the digital camera would have to be repaired or completely replaced. So it will eventually end up at Fujifilm for repair or in the recycling plant. Perhaps the Fujifilm digital camera will become a magnesium spoon... 😄

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    • Interesting question - I don't have an X-T200 to test but I'd suggest you try setting the camera so that its writing a jpg only - so that you could be sure it would write to the card in under 2 seconds - if you get the same problem it would imply its something other than the buffer.
    • Welcome to our forum. I‘ve removed your personal e-mail address from your comment to prevent spam etc. Concerning your question, it‘s unlikely that the buffer of the X-T200 can hold 50+ photos. There must be another reason for the behavior and I supect something like reorganizing data on the card and/or creating new folders. 
    • Thanks. As it turns out I list some stuff for sale once at a very similarly named forum.... 
    • Hello Everyone. I am a total newbee so I apologize up front if i violate and etiquette. Here is my question. Symptom: I have a controller that operates the shutter on my Fuji X-T200 camera so that it takes a picture every 2 seconds in sync with other events. After about 50 +- pictures are taken, a red dot comes on the camera display and it wont take another picture, until it finishes counting down from 5-7 seconds and it is now out of sync with what I have been doing by 1-2 events. The memory card I use is a SanDisk Extreme Pro 170 MB/s 128GB.   Questions: Q1. My first guess is that it is a buffer filling up and then flushing to my SD memory card. Is this correct?   Q2. Is there a way to configure the settings in my camera so it won’t buffer? But will store the picture to the SD immediately after its taken.   Q3. Will a faster memory SD card speed up the process? ( I think probably not as it is probably the buffer memory speed of the camera that is the limiting factor.)   Q4. The best solution is if I can find a signal or some sort, electrical, relay contact, blue-tooth or wireless, that tells me the camera is ready to take a (the next) picture.   Thank you so much, Sincerely, Jim Towne  
    • Welcome to our forum!
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