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Fuji x70 teleconverter ring to fn button?

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So I've accidentally bumped the teleconverter ring when adjusting my aperture a few times. I'd like to assign one of the fn buttons for the teleconverter but it doesn't seem to be an option.


I'd rather have the teleconverter ring do nothing.


Anyone else have a work around?





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Do you mean the "focusing ring" on your lens?


When holding your camera,turn it on, look on the left side of the body, there you find a button flush away with the body. Long press will show an option menu, scroll up or down with D-path and select "non".

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Went through the menu to find out there isn't a way to deactivate the function of the focus ring. You're right, the "non" is only to disable the "fn-7" button.


Looks like we both have to wait for the first FW update. So Fuji PLEASE ADD DISABLE FOCUS RING OPTION!!


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