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Can’t set RAW quality


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Did somehow a function button get assigned to turning off or on the raw saving option?


Scroll down to The Function Buttons part in the Image Quality section. If this is set to off, that will affect other settings.

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Hi, Elisabetta - I’m having a bit of difficulty understanding your question. Do you want to shoot in RAW only (which produces only 1 file; .raf), RAW + JPEG (which produces 2 files; 1 .raf and 1 .jpg), or JPEG only (which produces only 1 file; .jpg). It’s important to know this because the FINE or NORMAL settings only affect the output quality of JPEG file and do not affect the RAW file. The RAW file is always 100% of the image data collected from the camera’s sensor without any processing, whereas the JPEG file is processed through the camera’s image processing chip applying any of the settings you’ve selected: film simulation, shadows, highlights, sharpening, etc., to the output file. You will note however that even when you select to shoot in RAW only that you will still see in your viewfinder your composition with whatever film simulation selected and any additional settings applied. You’ll also see that when you playback the image later. The reason is that Fuji embeds a thumbnail JPEG image in their RAW files for viewing (and sometimes useful later when editing). To see exactly what the camera is seeing when you’re shooting and exactly what the real RAW file will look like, many turn LIVE VIEW on (I do this when shooting landscapes to make sure I’m not blowing out highlights).

Hope that helps!


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