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X-T2 sometimes doesn’t turn on


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Last week I was using my xt2. A habit I’ve got myself into is to turn the camera off unless I’m actively taking photos, so I turned it off, and a minute later tried turning it back on again. Absolutely no response from the camera. I replaced the battery with a fully charged one (twice) with no luck. Nothing I press will cause it to fire up. By the time I had looked on the forum (and not found any solution that related to my issue), I tried to turn it on again and it fired up just fine. 

This is a repetitive issue, and means that I am unable to practically use my camera. I’ve no idea what’s causing it and I can’t seem to find anyone online with the same issue. Anyone know what’s going on?



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The weather-sealing on the X-T2 isn't great esp. round the on/off switch. It could be moist that has entered the system. That would explain the unpredictable behavior. I've had similar with my X-Pro2. Fuji repair can easily fix this unless circuits are already damaged.

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