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XT4 videos look darker and lower quality looking at it from my laptop


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Hey guys, so I just shot something on my fuji xt4 and the footage looked great during shooting and on my lcd screen. However, when I opened the sd card on my laptop the video was way darker, and also seems low quality. I know most people will assume its because "an lcd is a smaller monitor" and that my "lcd screen is too bright", but I swear to god there is something else going on. 

Its not just darker, theres literal data that you can see in the video if you watch it on the camera that when I import it becomes black. heres an example:


The whole background, the room, the details of the hair, are all just close to pitch black. theres no way a bright LCD screen can generate information. And when i try to bring the exposure up in premier it looks horrendous. Whats happening? How can I fix this? Any help would be much appreciated. 

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It seems to me that you’ve underexposed the material. Depending on the settings, the LCD in most cases does NOT show the actual result since it‘s supposed to help focussing etc. Watch the exposure meter on the LCD while shooting. This will give you the necessary information if your video or photo is exposed correctly.

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3 hours ago, Robert109283 said:

Any help would be much appreciated. 

Looks to me like a screen set too dark on the Mac. The video player may misinterpret the color information because the colors on the two screens are very different. (reddish/yellowish)
Is the exposure compensation set to zero ? You can call up the color information on the white T-shirt and check how bright the RGB colors are there. Then you know if the still image of the video is too dark or not.

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