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Can't view pictures in playback


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I am a new Fuji user as of June 2022. I have enjoyed my X-T4 so far, but I am currently experiencing an issue. When I take a picture I am un able to view the picture. There is an orange and green blinking light that appears, and when I try to shut down the camera, I get a message that says, "transferring image to PC - OK Cancel transferring and turn off the camera." If I shut off the camera and turn it on again, I can view previous images I have taken, but can not view anything new. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

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How do you normally move images from your camera to your computer?

It sounds like the camera thinks that somehow it has been told to automatically go into wireless file transfer mode to your pc.

You may be able to get this turned off by a simple reset — in the menus or if that does not work then remove any pairing with your computer option you have put in place. Failing that, there is the hard reset, take the main battery out, leave the camera on a shelf or wherever for several or a few more days until the internal backup battery completely drains away. This restores all settings to the factory defaults, which should fix the issue, bur you will have to put all of your preferences back in.

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