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x-t30ii or x-t4 (moving over from Nikon)

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Hi all, my name is Andrew, I live in Newcastle Australia, and when I am not taking photos I am an Anglican Priest running a small parish. 

I am moving to Fujifilm from a Nikon D7100 SLR, which has served me well. But I want something more compact, and I love the look of the x-t30ii and the x-t4. My budget is probably more x-t30ii, but I do get the opportunity to shoot wildlife in Kenya every couple of years, and wasn't sure how the x-30ii would handle a bigger zoom lens? 
Most of my other photography is landscape, architecture and some street photography as well. So, what say you - the x-t30ii with a kit lens combo of 18-55mm, 50-230mm and maybe a 27mm prime thrown in, or the x-t4 with the 27mm and 50-230mm only?

thanks in advance, Andy

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Wanted to introduce myself properly as well as ask q.
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I use a X-T30 with a 150-600mm lens on a every so often occasion without any troubles, but I do make sure to hold / carry it by the lens bracket foot rather than the camera body. So you should be okay either way you chose.

IQ-wise, they are similar, so if it is possible, try to get these side by side so you can hold them and make sure they fit your hands and the dials are easy to reach. The one that 'wins' there will be the one to get -- the idea is the camera you want to use is the best one to take with you. Keep in mind the X-T30ii can also have an L-bracket, etc. put on it if you need to use that for more balance.

p.s. Welcome to the forum.

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