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x100v dark "flickering" when I half-press the shutter

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I've recently noticed that when i half press the shutter to focus on my x100v, the screen flickers until acquiring focus. It mostly occur between f 2.2-3.2 in AF-S mode, in dark indoor  enviorments. Outside in daylight it doesn't manifest. Also, of i put the camera in Manual or AF-C the 'flicker' goes away..it only affects AF-S mode. It does not affect the quality of the photos or the exposure or anything else, it's just a visual thing  Firmware version 2.12 (latest).  




I've seen this issue addressed on other x system cameras where the LCD/evf was going bright but it doesn't look the same on my camera. Mine is darkening the LCD/evf instead of brighteening for a fraction of a second and it kinda makes no sense. It's like the exposure drop a couple of stops for a fraction of a second. Looking at the lens while focusing it opens completly wide and closes back to the set apperture really fast while half pressing the shutter...so it should do exactly the opposite, bumping the exposure, not dropping it. When I switch aperture to f4 or above, that dark-bright flicker disappear 🤔 really weird stuff.

If this is not a normal behaviour I suspect it to be firmware related because I didn't noticed this before the 2.12 version..or it was there from the start but didn't notice as i mostly shoot over f 5.6.

Does anyone encounter the same on their x100v or any other fuji camera or can test it with their x100v in the same conditions? Dark room/dim light, f 2.2-3.2, AF-S mode?

Does anyone know why is this happening? Any tip or solution that can make this 'issue' go away will be really appreciated! :D  

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Yes. It happens either way, boost mod ON/OFF.

I tried different settings but non of them changed anything. I tried the following with no avail:

-boost mode on/off;

-white balance and exposure preview on/off;

-auto ISO/fixed ISO; auto shutter speed/fixed shutter speed; fixed aperture/auto aperture;

-factory reset the camera (all the settings);

-format the memory card;

Nothing fixed it so far. It bothers me that it only occur in AF Single mode at f2.2-3.6 range. If I change it to continuous focus mode or manual mode, that 'flicker' it's completely gone. I'm clueless at this point

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I tried to contact Fuji via email and phone but no one is answering unfortunately..

57 minutes ago, cpX said:

With my X-A1 I only see when focusing that the screen gets a little darker and the aperture opens.

Same here.

I just don't find an explanation and I hope that reaching out on the forum, some other x100v users can test this out too so I can check if it's a problem with my camera or if it's a normal behaviour in all cameras :D If Fuji can't help at least maybe other users might

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Update: After some intensive testing today I came to a conclusion. It's not about the lighting conditions as much as the subject that I am focusing. I've put the camera on a tripod and changed only the object in front of the camera. First I used a dark subject and the flicker was present, then I switched it with a bright one and there was no flicker. I repeated this about 20 times with different objects, dark and bright, and every single time on the dark subject it flickered, on the bright one it didn't as you can clearly see in the video...so I think it's just a way of the camera adjusting the exposure, aperture, shutter and ISO to try and aquire focus on a dark surface/object. Maybe it's not broken..it's just the way it works, I guess?

Video: https://streamable.com/gf8qvb

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