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Video on X-H2S - No Exposure Compensation on Manual + Auto ISO?

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I primarily shoot video for work, have been using an X-T4 for the past year but decided to upgrade to an X-H2S for a number of reasons.  Now on the X-T4, I was a big fan of the Manual + Auto ISO setup - using the dials to lock in shutter speed and aperture and letting the camera adjust ISO according to whatever I set the exposure compensation to.  If you don't have absolute control over your lighting (IE you're shooting next to a big window) and don't want your interview subject plunged into darkness randomly (in this case when a cloud goes by, or you're on a gimbal moving between areas with different lighting), this is a must-have feature.

New X-H2S arrived today, and I spent a couple hours going through the menus setting it up similarly to my X-T4 - except for this one feature, which apparently doesn't exist on this camera?  Am I just missing something?  Is there any way to replicate how this works on the X-T4 with the X-H2S?

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