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SOOC JPEG with a modern/clean look


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Hope I can get an answer for my problem here as I've spent days searching online invain.

I'm shooting only JPEG SOOC for work as I need to hand my pictures to the customers by the end of the day.

As much as I love my X-T4 over my previous Sony a6500 I'm having a hard time with it. I'm only using one camera with one lens (XF18-55mm) and I'm hiking with it all day long. 

I take pictures of the customers around the many waterfalls and views we have around here. I rarely have time to "deal" with the camera settings.

Since Fuji film simulations recipes are mostly, well, simulating films I've been getting quite a lot of compliments from customers saying the the pictures look "too artistic","dull" or "feels a bit washed color".

I'm in a dire search for a modern, clean, sharp and poppi kind of film recipe! One (or more)I can use in many different scenarios. 

Hope my redemption will come from this forum and you good people that know photography and Fujifilm way better then me.

Thank you for reading this long post and looking forward to your comments.


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Thank you Jerry for your comment!

I've searched through and through on both of this places and through the more known one fujixweekly and still came out empty handed.

It is very possible I've missed a recipe that would have solved my problem due to the sheer number of recipes this guys have, and this is why I'm asking here for help.

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Zohar, you do not say in your message how long you have used your fuji xt4 nor which of the on-board film sims you have used.

My experience with my X-S10 and X100v suggests that using the standard Provia film sim, set WB to daylight and get your exposure right (use the histogram) will give you a perfect jpeg SOOC suitable for skin tones as well as water falls.

You may have tried this already but if not I suggest you give it a go.

Best of luck, Dave.

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