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Soft Sounding "motor" noise


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I have an XT-20 and maybe I just never noticed it before, but I can hear a very soft motor sound 

like a phantom tiny fan or a hard drive working (no clicking noise, just a soft whoosh sound). I have gone through all the AF settings and even checked the 

sensor cleaner and mic levels. I wouldnt be able to hear it in a room with people talking or outside in a breeze.

It doesn't do this when I take the lens off (both my lenses are Fujifilm; 18-55mm and 50-230mm)

Is this noise normal or is there something going on inside the camera body that I should be concerned with?


Edited to add: the noise stops in playback mode.

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On 12/19/2022 at 3:42 AM, djdubuque said:

Are your lens LM? if not then your hearing the focusing motor of the lens.

The 18-55 and 50-300 lenses are also IOS, so it’s likely the in-lens image stabilization at work.  The x-T20 doesn’t have IBIS. 

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