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Fuji xt-4 details not clear


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I recently bought the XT-4 and I have issues with the appearance of details in the photos (when zoomed in). They are not just blurry but they also look sort of outlined. I have used Nikon for over 8 years - not professionally though only as a hobby, but have never had this problem before, no matter the settings. Could it be the lens that I’m using? I shoot 35mm. I’m attaching two samples of the photo: one in its full size and then the pic zoomed in. An advice from anyone would be much appreciated! 

full photo

zoomed in details

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You should be okay at f13, It could be the lens sample, if it is possible, rent or borrow a similar brand of 35mm lens, put the camera on a tripod, with a remote release connected to rhe camera, and shoot a same scene using both lenses at the same settings, as well as trying an entirely different lens to use as a means to eliminate the brand as having sample issues.

Sometimes lenses are soft, sometimes the sensor in the camera is a slight bit tilted which throws things off, sometimes weird stuff happens.

You should be mostly be okay until around f16 - f22 before noticing artifacts in pixel peeping, depending on the lens. Of course if you are photographing window screens or things like that, you can get issues at f1.2.

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