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Look and feel of Fuji images, and are Fuji camera's getting too many pixels?


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I just posted this on the Fuji Rumors site, but would like to talk about it  al little bit more.

Looking at the samples of the new X-H2, but indeed also the X-T4, I'm having trouble liking the images. I currently have the X-T3 and X-T4, but I sometimes miss my X-T1. The images/sharpness is too condensed, too sharp, not smooth anymore. Lately I notice that looking at many images of the Fujis 'hurts' my eyes, not pleasant anymore. I wonder if this has to do with too many pixels in combination with the APS-C format. For this reason I'm not sure I will buy the X-H2 or the upcoming X-T5.

I also use a Nikon D850 and a friend has the Nikon Z6. The images from these camera's are also sharp and colorful, but the sharpness is - although very sharp - calmer for the eyes. This post is not to promote the Nikon or whatever other (full frame) camera, because I love the Fujis and use them a lot, but like I said, lately something is beginning to annoy me. I recently looked at some old images from my X-T1 and Nikon D700 and was struck by how pleasant they look. Are many pixels not distroying the look of APS-C images???

I love to hear what you think :).

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Propaganda? What do you mean by that?

Iḿ just referring to what I see in my own images but also on the web. When you look at the numerous images on Flickr, I find that the images of the X-T3 or X-T4 look more 'nervous' than those of the X-T1. I wonder if that is due to more pixels.

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I agree, you cannot assess the quality of a cameras image unless you can access the RAW image. Another persons jpeg could have had all sorts of post processing done to it. On Flikr at the very least they will have been compressed and probably sharpened with increased clarity which often makes them look hard on the eyes.

I will assess the X-H2 when I can download a RAW file.


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