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High humidity conditions with x100v | Question

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Hello to everyone. I'm travelling to Amazonas (in Ecuador) in a month and I'd like to know if anyone have been in such situation with the x100v. I mean: in Amazonas there is very high humidity % and even though the camera is "sealed", I'm afraid, because we're talking about an "extreme" situation. Thanks in advance. 

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It is pretty clear what he is asking: “I'd like to know if anyone have been in such situation with the x100v”.

The official specs list:

Operating Humidity 10%~80% (no condensation)
Operating Temperature 0°C~+40°C / 32°F~104°F


Humidity can cause all kinds of issues including things like fungus growing in the lenses. This site has some ideas that may help, especially the silica gel packs, put them in the camera case.


I have not used the 100V specifically, but I do use Fujifilm cameras in a lot of high humidity situations, you should be okay as long as you take good precautions. As a follow up, check on astrophotography sites for suggestions from the camera and lens users — usually this advice will go by the name ‘dew heater’.

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Not really, no. There are plenty of situations where using the camera is perfectly fine, but there can be some micro-climates where using the camera is more risky, but still can be managed, and some places where it is better to leave the camera in the bag until one gets more experience being in those situations in general.

p.s. I wrote “he” by habit, but that should be “they”.

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