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Canon FD 50mm f1.4 + Vivitar 2X Macro Focusing Teleconverter MC + XT 10

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Like title sais, I went out to play with my newest toy, Vivitar 2x macro focusing tele converter. I got it for 20€and it is interesting little device. It can serve as regular tele converter but also as macro converter. It has build in focusing helicod and can turn your regular 50mm lens into 100mm macro 1:1 lens. I use it with Canon 50 1.4 so it converts it to 100 2.8 1:1 macro.  As regular converter  it is nothing special, but for macro I find it quite good, especially when considering price. It is sharp enough and is easy to use. For 1:1 magnification you need to focus lens to closest distance and then use focus on converter to get to max magnification.  It is also possible to use all steps in between. These samples are all handheld, aperture on lens was set to f8 and I used built in flash as I left my Yongnuo at home. It is hard to handheld at 1:1 as doff is really thin but with practice it should get easier.


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    • Hi everyone! I recently tried using the X-H2 as a webcam, but the results were disappointing. In any mode, with any cables and operating systems, the camera loses frames. This results in jerky images. If you record a video from the X-H2 (as webcam) and watch it frame by frame in the editor, you will clearly notice the appearance of 2-3 identical frames in a row. Lost frames appear randomly, without any periodic pattern. Everything can work smoothly for 10 seconds, then jerks start again. FW version 3.10 (last), I tried to completely reset the settings - it didn't help. Everything is smooth on the HDMI output, and everything is smooth when recording to the card. Thanks for the help! Sample video  
    • Hey Phillip! Did you ever figure out why this is happening or how to stop this from occurring? It's burned me at 2 shoots in a row. The first time I thought it was because I used freshly formatted memory cards... but this second time I had not reformatted the cards just before. Really perplexing. Not used to checking this setting every time I turn the camera on. 
    • Mine is over a year old. No problems so far
    • Welcome to the forum. That is a really good lens, hopefully it will give you many great images. You did not mention which K&F adapter are getting, they make several, but not all of them have the aperture control ring on them. Since that lens does not have an aperture ring, the price for the adapter with the ring (if you want it) is not much more than for the one without the ring. I am mentioning this so that if the menu does not allow you to change f-stops for that lens - adapter combination (the lens will stay wide open for every shot), it is still possible to get it to work. Best wishes.
    • Welcome to our forum! Bienvenue!
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