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x100v sensor dust?

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Hi guys, 

I got this x100v couple of days back and just out of curiosity I did the sensor dust test. I shot at the the highest aperture f/16, ISO 160 and shutter speed of 1 sec on a white paper. 
I imported those images on my computer and played around with exposure on darkroom.
I am seeing a back spot at the center and a little spot left to the it. I even took couple of images of the sky at the same setting and noticed those spots too. 
I am thinking about returning this camera. Please advice on the images and what to do  next . 
Here are the links to images




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Man, that is dead center!  Haven't seen that before.  Have you checked the front element closely?  That's so odd.  Depending on where you are, if it's not on the lens I'd reach out to Fuji. I'm assuming you bought the camera second hand?  Did it have a limited warranty? If new, then return it.

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20 minutes ago, cpX said:

I would recommend another digital camera system (Nikon). Fujifilm is unfortunately known for the fact that the dirt sits between the layers of the sensor and cannot be removed. I myself have 3 Fujifilm digital cameras concerning this serious problem.

I don't understand.  Seriously.  I shoot several X series, plus GFX.  The ONLY sensor I have ever had to clean was my XT1 back in 2018 and that was only because I was at a camera store and they offered to do it for free.  I shoot everywhere from the rainforests and jungles of Costa Rica, Florida, Iceland, Yukon, Alaska, etc and switch lenses often.  I also shoot at F11-F16 80% of the time.  I'm careful about where and how I swap lenses, but I haven't had the dust issues you guys have experienced.  Maybe I've been lucky.  Just me standing on my soapbox.  I'm finished.  LOL


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